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Congratulations to the official website of bebo process!
Release time:2017/5/27 16:10:04
Congratulations to the official website of bebo process!
Zhejiang beibo handicraft co., LTD. Is located in one of the three major printing bases in Asia, and is known as "the printing city of China" and "the Chinese gift town". Company is committed to the special functional materials development, production, applying integrated as one of the high-tech enterprises, at the same time focus on print and plastic product technology innovation and development of new functional materials and printed matter, the organic integration of plastic arts and crafts.
We believe that our value lies in helping our clients get paid for it. So we must always to innovation of product and related process, must be able to provide the highest quality products, the most competitive price, and the real-time demand and fit service, we believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, will be able to realize the mutually beneficial and win-win with customers!

Zhejiang Beibo Crafts & Arts Co., Ltd.

Add:Building 8, No. 8888, Century Avenue, Longgang City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel:+86-577-68637911;+86-18967753270(same number on WeChat)




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